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Demon Blood Sword from Adventure Time

The sword left by Joshua and found by Finn and Jake in the final battle of “Dad’s Dungeon”. It measures 32.5” in length and is layered with 5 pieces of hand-cut Baltic birch plywood. The blade is painted in trompe-l’oeil to look as though it is 3-d, and the hilt is wrapped with a snake knot for a secure and comfortable grip.

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I’m Totally Jelly Over This Adventure Time Bedroom

This bedroom by Mighty Oaks, Little Acorns is beyond amazing. The characters are cut-outs from oversized prints that she had made at Staples - and she did all of this with two weeks left in her pregnancy!

Parents, if your kids’ rooms don’t look this awesome, you clearly don’t love them enough.

The Knife | Heartbeats

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Bioshock Infinite - Will the Circle Be Unbroken by  Colleen Peck

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Odin vs Fenrir


Odin vs Fenrir


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